So I played my first game of DW last night.

So I played my first game of DW last night.

So I played my first game of DW last night. It was awesome. Great time had by all despite the fact that I was quite easily the oldest guy in the room.

Two things of note:

Playing a Cleric that serves a God of knowledge and secret rituals is not that hard for a toon with INT 9.

Being so used to OD&D and similar games, I realized that I kept waiting for my turn. :S The GM had to bail me out more than once by saying, “What are you going to do?”. I’ll get used to it.

4 thoughts on “So I played my first game of DW last night.”

  1. I am in a similar boat. I’m really enjoying DW but refuse to let certain tenets of OD&D disappear from my games. I’m in the middle of designing numerous systems to create my ideal OSR DW experience. Welcome to the fold John Payne!

  2. Nathan Roberts

    I developed a habit of saying, “I must know what this means.” Sometimes the GM had me roll spout lore, sometimes discern reality. It fit the concept and it was funny in context.

    I also enjoyed the magic item I got. Every magic item feels like it is unique and not something that could be purchased in a magic shop. It’s how I run S&W games and it felt “right” and familiar.

    I enjoyed it when the other guys stopped studying the character sheets and just began to say what they were doing. It built a shared story that we were all talking about the next day when I saw them.

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