16 thoughts on “Any interest in a game tonight? Just a regular ol’ one-shot adventure.”

  1. I was planning on tonight EST, but if we can get three people a little before then, I don’t mind starting early! The tag-line I was thinking to inspire us was:  “When the Walls Crumbled.”

  2. I’ll say the cut-off will be 6:30 EST, an hour from now. If we don’t get people by then we’ll just have to try another day 🙂

    And thanks Aaron, didn’t notice that, but he looks full up! Plus, I selfishly wouldn’t mind the opportunity to practice GMing, like the cretin I am. 

  3. Aaron Feild Unfortunately I had already read through the adventure he’s running, didn’t want to spoil it…

    Anyways if Kaillan Reukers is still looking for players, I’m interested

  4. Good to hear Gabriel, would be a pleasure playing with you again. We got 30 minutes to find our last player (I’m sure Mischa’s busy being a great gamer dad), so I’ll keep you updated.

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