Hey guys, has anyone heard or seen a thief based compendium class.

Hey guys, has anyone heard or seen a thief based compendium class.

Hey guys, has anyone heard or seen a thief based compendium class. I am trying to find something that deals with doing major robberies or major heist. For example: stealing the royal crown jewels. I am constructing a new class and my group uses compendium classes for backgrounds. I am almost done and that is all I need.

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  1. Some kind of Heistmaster? That would be awesome – are you thinking a kind of Ocean’s Eleven / Italian Job / Leverage type of dude who gets  crew together and organizes a heist or more the cat burgler who actually pulls it off?

  2. Wow! So we could start with a stripped down Guild Master, who has some specialized hirelings. Following moves could involve more specialization of hirelings (maybe ones created with Pirate World (was it?).

  3. The Lever

    A compendium class

    When you successfully make off with a load of purloined coins, the next time you level up you may take this move:


    When you spend time in preparation for an important heist (your call), tell the GM what you’re trying to do and roll+INT. On a 10+, hold 3-Plan. On a 7-9, hold 2-Plan. On a miss, hold 1-Plan anyway but the GM holds 1-Twist. She’ll draw a map of what you know, and you’ll draw your path through and explain how you’re going to do it. The GM will tell you what major obstacles lie in your path.

    “In this place, you…”

    •will not have much time

    •will be cut off/out of contact/occupied

    •will need a special item

    •will need another character’s help

    •will be under scrutiny/trigger defenses

    Now or at any time in the heat of the moment, you may spend 1-Plan to reveal a way through, past, around, over, under, into or out of one of the GM’s obstacles. The GM may spend Twist during the heat of the moment to reveal a new obstacle or that an obstacle wasn’t what it seemed. So long as you hold Plan, you or your crew can be beaten, stymied, captured, killed, unconscious, thrown out, arrested, etc but the plan remains salvageable.

    Once you are a mastermind, you may count the following as class moves for the sake of leveling up:


    When you waltz through defenses like you own the whole damn place, take +1-armor. You may also spend Plan to reveal one of your crew has evaded a defense by taking control of it.


    While on the heist and you hold Plan, your whole crew deals +1D6 damage forward. Also, while engaged in melee, at your discretion, you may effortlessly deal nonlethal damage that leaves no mess behind regardless of the weapons used, and treat close-quarters fights as silent.


    With time spent preparing your appearance and story, you may name one NPC in your presence who will drop everything to give you their undivided attention and converse at length. You may spend Plan on behalf of your crew to turn a miss on a Parley roll into a soft hit. Additionally, if the crew uses Parley to learn additional details for the heist, take +1-Plan.


    With time and intimacy spent picking a lock, no matter how complex, it will open. From then on, all similar locks can be opened by you without the need for time. Additionally, so long as you hold Plan and remain on the premises, if your crew successfully lifts any items during the heist, no one will go looking for those items (beyond the demands of their regular duties).

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