16 thoughts on “Should I or should I not include an indestructible zombie knight in my game tonight?”

  1. Well, the conventional way of “hacking it to pieces” will only be a temporary solution, as it will reassemble itself.

    It could be tied up or caged, which would handle the problem just fine. They just can’t “murder it dead” in a conventional manner.

    Besides, the party wizard could just “ritualize” it permanently dead.

    I’d say they have loads of options. I just removed the most obvious one.

  2. John Desmarais Or my favorite, “I have no idea how they’re going to defeat it but that doesn’t matter because they always figure out something more clever than I would have.”

  3. I’m also doing this to be a fan of the wizard. He was very ineffective last session as he wasn’t much use during fights, and the first session was more or less a brief spelunking followed by a one hour fight with a lot of skellies.

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