19 thoughts on “More Mistborn inspired classes: The Ferumancer!”

  1. How so Tim Franzke? Kinetic energy allows you to spend all the energy you have stored. you can store bits of energy over a long period of time, and then burn them all at once in a big feat of amazingness. 

  2. Why not make it then, 

    spend 1 charge to do




    spend 3 charges to do




    a bit like a Druid would. Or take this move as an inspritation: 

    Indomitable: when you go into battle, roll+hard. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1, but take -1forward. During the battle you can spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

    • Name an npc within your reach. You kill, disable or disarm them (MC’s choice). • Name a character within your reach. You redirect their attack to another

    character within your reach, or else to nowhere — into the ground or a wall or

    the sky.

    • Name a character on the scene, but outside your reach. You cross the distance

    between you before they have time to adjust or react.

    • Name a character within your reach. While you keep fighting, you intercept any

    attack directed at them and they suffer no harm.

    • Ignore all harm to yourself from an incoming attack.

  3. yeah! I totally plan on having additional moves that you can spend charges on. I wanted to have a MAIN mechanic that this class could use in lieu of moves. But you’re right, this doesn’t have the same fictional power, especially if you haven’t read Mistborn. But I wanted to give this class more flexiblility, in addition to the typical, “spend 3 charges, roll+3 and choose 3”

  4. But the main mechanic is 

    “let get some minuses over here to later get a plus over there” 

    You are covered with Iron but you can especially choose when this is hindering to you. Why isn’t it always hindering? 

    All this class does is allowing you to fail when you want to and succeed when you really want to do that. It is purely mechanical. 

  5. Also this note is not true: 

    GM Note to prevent abuse of gaining charges, remember that 

    players should only roll whenever there is the potential for failure and 

    negative consequences. 

    compare p. 16

  6. ah! okay, I see your critique now. Hmmmm….I think there is a fine line between mechanics and fiction. For example, the fighter’s signature weapon is reliant upon tags and properties, not just fictional justification. Meanwhile, the Druid is almost entirely determined by the fiction, this the mechanical specifics incredibly vague. (hence a lot of the controversy over the Druid)

  7. I could see something like rolling +tincharges as a mechanic that would work. 

    The alignments however need work too. They should motivate you to do something you wouldn’t normally do. 

    Outsider is good. 

    Solder: you would do that anyway. That is what the move is for. 

    Student: you would also probarbly do that. Depending on how literal you take this, this could also be impossible to fulfill because you can spend charges when you roll+bond. 

  8. David Schirduan you are certainly right about mechanical and fictional focus of different clases. However no class messed with die roll math as their base feature. 

  9. Okay next thing, powergaming. The way i might play this class would be to always impede myself on a roll with my best stat to be awesome at my worst stats. So having a high STR and INT maybe, always rolling these stats with a -1 penalty to later rock with all my other stats. 

    Alternatively, highly penalising myself on rolls that i suck at anyway to farm XP. 

    On a fictional level i can understand that wearing a lof of stuff on your body might hinder you on a physical level. But then it either hinders you or it doesn’t. You don’t get to decide that after 3 times being effed by your armor now suddenly it is not a problem anymore. 

    But how does wearing a lot of tin make you bad at making INT,CHA,WIS rolls? What is the fictional reason for that? The class doesn’t explain that. 

  10. In Mistborn, a Ferumancer can store physical characteristics. So if they spend 3 days being weak, slow, and blind, then they can burn that energy being strong, fast, and have good visions for 3 days OR they can burn all the energy at once, and throw a truck at someone.

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