Up your game!

Up your game!

Up your game!  We all know that DW is fun to play but I found a awesome website that can take your game to the next level.


The site lets you take 8 track and put in everything from rain to engine hums.  Play it in the background in a town or dungeon and inspire some real great stories.

May you all roll 10+


8 thoughts on “Up your game!”

  1. Our game is post apocalypse so there are constant exploration of old factories and labs.  Put the baby laughing to go off once every 10 mins at low volume so people think they hear something.  Terror ensues. 

  2. This is quite a useful mixer. I have to second Curtis Jackson’s question though: how can this be used in Roll20/Hangout sessions? Paying X amounts of money for ever clip seems quite cumbersome.

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