7 thoughts on “I just started reading DW and it looks exciting. I need a good game to introduce newbies. Anyone have any advice?”

  1. Definitely play it!  The GM section of the book is pure gold.  Follow the recommendations there- leave yourself plenty of blanks, let the players fill in information, and be creative in making your moves.

    I get a hefty portion of my inspiration in GMing DW from stories like the Dying Earth series (Jack Vance), Conan (Robert E Howard), and the tales of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (Fritz Leiber)… so if you enjoy reading, I highly recommend them all!

  2. Read the DW guide! Seriously read it!

    I am sure someone can give you the link. (Can’t right now)

    Also read the GM chapter and follow the procedures there.

  3. as others have said just play. players can manage with just a shared copr of basic moves and their own charcter sheets. as GM, read the book carefully and read the DW guide, its invaluable.

  4. Yes to everything above.  I started having never played before.  I had 2 players and we started drawing a room on paper.  A couple hours later they were several chambers deep fighting a stone colossus controlled by brownies inside it.  Just relax and let it happen. 

  5. A good place to get started is with a DW style Starter. Starters are a collection of description information, hooks, plots, items, npcs, etc… that can be thrown together for an adventure. They are open and adapt well to group input. They’re designed to work while still observing the practice of “Leave Blanks”. Paride Papadia has put together a list (http://goo.gl/48Ffv0) of DW Adventures and Starters from various DW member sites.

    The Slave-Pit of Drazhu and The Indigo Galleon are two I see used with much success around here. People cannot sing their praises enough.

  6. Thanks everyone! I have been leaning toward a more open/sandbox style of play for a while now and this sounds like a great system. Can’t wait for my lunch break today to get back at it. I will look for the DW Style guide and those web sites. Great fan community here. I am glad to be a part if it.

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