Rules question:

Rules question:

Rules question:

TLDR:  Does a spell prepared as though it were lower level count as the original level or the modified level for effects that count the level of a spell?

I am a wizard who takes Prodigy: Invisibility, such that I prepare Invisibility as though it were level 0 (I assume this is a legal move, as Prodigy does not forbid it and 0 is one less than 1).  There are a few different scenarios that I am confused about.

I am level 3, and I have taken Arcane Ward.  I prepare my cantrips (0), Invisibility (0), Magic Missile (1), and Fireball (3).  I cast and forget both Magic Missile and Fireball, so that I only have Invisibility and my cantrips prepared.  Is Arcane Ward active?

I am an arbitrary level, and I have prepared Invisibility (0) and a variety of other spells.  I cast Invisibility.  I am hit by a blind-fired arrow while invisible, and I use Spell Defense to end my Invisibility and negate damage.  Do I negate 0 damage or 1?


Now consider instead that I have taken Prodigy: Mirror Image.

I am level 6, and I have taken Spell Augmentation.  I have prepared Mirror Image (2), Fireball (3) and a variety of other spells.  I cast Mirror Image.  I cast Fireball on a creature.  I use Spell Augmentation to end my Mirror Image and add damage.  Do I add 2 damage or 3?

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  1. I am going to say that Prodigy changes the level of the spell only for the purpose of preparing the spell. For everything else it counts as it’s original level.


  2. Only changes the spell in ways that give an advantage (such as prepping the spell).  You are way over-thinking this I think. DW intentionally does not have rules for everything, similar to many OSR games. This is by design, and is partially so that GMs and players can work together to decide what’s right for their table. Whenever I have a similar rules issue, I always think “Be a fan of the characters” and err on the side of ruling that favors them more.

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