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  1. Human: You are incredibly observant. You may ask an extra question when discerning realities 

    So, on a miss I get to ask one question? If so, it’s better to explicitly say so 🙂

  2. hm. Maybe “when fighting with your signature Ranged Weapon you deal d8” would sound better. I mean, it’s not like if some goblins steal my rifle,  they deal d8 damages with it, is it?

  3. I’m also not so sure I got all the poisoned deal:

    If I’m a Rat Man, everytime I damage someone I poison them and my allies have +1 to the damage (forward? Ongoing?) (so, if I’m a rat man and choose the Area special attack, my companions would deal +1 damage against more enemies, right?). If I’m a Rat Man and choose the “poisoned” option, than everyone deal +3 damages against that target? Doesn’t seem right to me, a little too much maybe…

  4. Sorry. there is only one ratman character in LOL. but when he is lat in the game he does tonnes of damage. But as you point out it may be a bit OP. on the other hand, poison only damages when your allies attack (As per thief) so it does no actual damage of its own as such.

  5. I tell you what. I’m not worried about “being too powerful”, I’m worried about “being not really interesting”. Take the tag messy, for istance: it’s powerful, no two ways about it, but it also adds to the fiction. It’s not “you deal +2 hp of damage”, it’s torn limbs and general gore spreading around the battlefield. It’s ugly and gritty and it gives a tone to the scene. On the other hand numerical bonuses may not be so intereseting, while being “powerful” (i.e. helping to kill the monster more quickly). As you may have noticed, I’m not a big fan of numerical bonuses: if anything, I like to put things like “you roll twice your damage die and choose the best one”.

  6. In the Cloak, the player deals d6 with fangs and claws or other weapons naturally. If you take the specialized “Dark Weapon,” the damage dealt with that weapon deals d8. I’ll look over the class you made today but just make sure the language explains exactly what the difference is if there is one. (p.s. Thanks for checking out my Cloak playbook!)

  7. i think because by taking shadow armor he had no decent weapon, and taking vampire and envenomed his best attack was a bite. So it got a bit silly with him leaping from shadows and biting things but thats how the character is set up. he now also carrys some other weapons and has shadow bow.

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