Hello all Worlders!

Hello all Worlders!

Hello all Worlders!

Although I’ve made some magic items for Grim World (and hopefully the upcoming Pirate Worlds) the shocking truth is I’VE NEVER GMED DUNGEON WORLD BEFORE! (Well, not properly… no one is ever proud of their early work!)

 That’s changing tonight, as I throw myself and my players into the full experience. Anyway, I thought this would be as good a time as any to share my custom class, The Dreamcatcher! Fictionally, it’s a character that chases down dreams, delivering the good ones to kids and keeping the bad ones from going about their business. Or vice-versa! Mechanically, it functions like a mix between The Bard and The Fortune-Teller.

Incidentally, if you were a fan of Roald Dahl’s books as a child, you may find a few references in there!

4 thoughts on “Hello all Worlders!”

  1. We Are The Dreamers of the Dreams and a fighter results in an automatic d10+d6 damage on a 7-9… wow. 

    When you use that move, do you spend dream? 

    How does Discern Realities work with a vision? 

    How does  Dream State work with the Foreboading background?

    I would change Dream State to that the visions are always true but on a 7-9 are extra vague. Lying to a player on a 7-9 feels wrong. 

    Tales of the Unexpected – something is off here for me… Maybe “describe an old archetype from the storybooks. A character acting in a manner matching the archetype takes +1 forward in doing so” 

     Whizpop! Whizbang! – what is limited flight? 

    I fail to see what the foodstuff is really about. Is there some (pop)cultural implication i just fail to see? 

     Formula 86 Delayed Action Dream Maker

    Why does the GM decide here? 

  2. Tim Franzke Respectively… Should it be reduced to d4, or another option added instead? Bear in mind this would be pretty much in lieu of the Dreamcatcher’s attacks!

    Yes, will clarify.

    You take +1 forward when you attempt to understand a situation related to your dream and roll Discern Realities.

    Have changed the word “vision” in Foreboding to “premonition” to reduce confusion, and have included Dream State/Fugue in the things Foreboding effects. Have made changes to Dream State, I assume Fugue is ok?

    I quite like Tales, it’s a minor benefit with a downside to how it activates and that can deactivate at any time. Mind elaborating what you would change? Just make it more general?

    Limited flight is deliberately vague to allow for narrative possibilities, but perhaps could do with being defined.

    The foodstuff is a general motif in Dahl’s work, and allows the Dreamcatcher another unique resource to rely on when dreams are inaccessible.

    I’d assume the GM would decide to create a bit of tension in the party – and it adds I think to the otherworldly feel of it.

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