5 thoughts on “Here is an item to throw into your next game. The Ugly Stick”

  1. Gonna give you a little backstory on this. I was playing in a 3.5 D&D game and we had the world most obnoxsious munchkin. If you didn’t mix/max your butt off he would tell you about how much better his fighter was than you were. We really didn’t enjoy his company but we were to nice (or too wussie) to say anything. I was tired of his shite, so I came up with a plan. We wanted to kill him but he was a freaking beast (some of this was the GMs fault for giving fighter only gear while we got nothing) so I had our artificer whip up an ugly stick. We checked with our GM and he said we could make a weapon that reduces CHA since there were CON and STR sappers out there. After we got our Ugly Stick the fighter was telling my Barbarian how much better his greatsword was. His fighter was a half orc with a CHA score of 3 (woot min/max) I clubbed him once, gave him 10 damage (to his 60 something HP pool) and reduced his CHA to 0. He was speechless as we stripped his character nekked and tied him up. We had to use the Ugly Stick to keep him in line for the rest of the game.

  2. The moment he got his sword back he took a swing at me. I figured he would so I had our illusionist create a copy of his blade. Then I clubbed him again. He eventually got the message.

  3. I’ve heard stories of problematic players before but I’ve never heard of one who directly views his party as a threat or something to be subjugated. This is an awesome way of dealing with such ^_^

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