8 thoughts on “There are any rules for mass combat?”

  1. The kick starter backers got a little preview a little while ago, mass combat is looking to be as fast, brutal, and dirty as normal dungeon world combat. I can’t wait for the full text.

  2. I’m writing up an Exalted hack for DW. The mass combat rules I have for it are pretty simple and go like this: When you Lead Troops to take a position, roll +tactics. on a 10+, you take the position with minimal complication. On a 7-9, choose one: you take heavy casualties, your enemy withdraws in good order. You gain +1 tactics if you have vastly superior numbers or a vastly superior position (and take -1 if reversed).

    You get +1 tactics for hacking apart a bunch of grunts, Braveheart style. You also get +1 tactics if you defeat an enemy captain/champion.

  3. I cant wait for inglorious! My Pirates! sourcebook has a boarding move based on a GM assigned Mob Buff that works pretty well. I will have to change that when the official mob fight rules come out.

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