7 thoughts on “I am like pretty new to this game, read the books and am starting to grasp it.”

  1. There’s a few of us on this side of the water, you’ll find a game sooner rather than later. Actually, I think Tim Franzke is running something this weekend.

  2. If I wasn’t so goddamn busy during most of February, I’d hop on in an instant 🙂 But if any EU-based groups are still looking for a daring adventurer, be it a one-shot or a campaign, feel free to count me on end of February, March. Tim Franzke, I am looking at you 😛

  3. wait what? Me? I am busy with things and stuff… 

    No, to be honest i am more likely to start a running Apocalypse World game then Dungeon World at the moment. Sorry. 

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