7 thoughts on “You’ve found a clue!”

  1. D8 damage? Pretty high for the type of class. Bard bas d6. You could insert advanced moves that raise damage (Military training or Martial arts).

    A suggestion for another drive: Obsession.

    Nice, I will be waiting to see the advanced moves.

  2. Huh, you might be right. I found it in a thesaurus. Wonder if it’s slang… looks like it is some type of slang as I see some references to it being a “cop” or “investigator.” The origin of this word specifically has negative connotation.

  3. I think the Apprehend move should never stop the culprit on its own, but maybe it gets the attention of someone else who intervenes.

    Because a detective yelling “you there! stop!!” always causes the person to run instead. Always. Even if they aren’t the right suspect.

  4. I was debating the damage die and I may be on the same page with you. I will likely be making that d6. I was planning on playtesting it first. interesting take andrew ferris, I may just use that – especially nice that an npc would help to stop the criminal on a 10+, or the criminal gets away (or worse, you get ambushed) on a fail roll.

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