No progress on my dragon class for months, and now I finally have an idea for handling the dragon’s hoard.

It could be a “gold sink”, useful for attracting minions and hirelings (read: kobolds). How does that sound? The greater your hoard, the more kobolds you attract?

Kobolds would be used for minions (read: utterly expendable hirelings) that can follow you around, expand your lair (during your adventuring).


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  1. You could represent your Kobold Worshipers with a move about giving them orders, and then make the orders things kobolds are good at – setting traps, scouting, transporting something, maybe have fighting things (but taking heavy losses) as an advanced move.

    As for the horde, what do dragons do with their horde? is their magic fueled by their greed? do they need to turn their wealth into magical power, meaning they always need more? Is it a matter of status among other Dragons? if you want that red dragon’s respek, you gotta get mad bling! which feeds into the idea that you get minions based on your draconian status.

  2. Well, dragons can’t do “magic” per se in this class. They’ll have a nasty breath attack, as well as some tags for natural weapons, but they won’t have spells. Not inherently. That might be a move though, a specialized wizard multi-classing move.

  3. Why does a Dragon need all that bling? For people, wealth is important as a way to provide security, status, power. If dragons aren’t using their wealth to secure them positions in society, they must have some other need for it. Figure out what the need is, and you’ll have your moves for the wealth.

  4. I’ve always thought that it was a psychological thing, like ravens. I kinda see dragons in fantasy settings as closer to ravens than anything else. They just have a primordial drive to collect shiny baubles.

  5. I’ve always seen them as super intelligent. To insticively collect shiny things doesn’t fit with my perception. I agree with Adrian Thoen. Figure out the motivation behind the horde and you’ll know what to do next.

  6. I don’t know that dragons spend gold to get minions, do they? I mean, they get minions, but it seems to me that they horde gold.

    I would think a move associated with hording gold would encourage one to collect a larger and larger amount of it. But if it was used to obtain what seems like an expendable resource like minions, then I would think it would need to be spent.

    I think I would favor some sort of stat that made the character’s combat prowess stronger based on how much gold and treasure they were keeping in their horde. That would get the player to collect the treasure, horde it and defend it and be as vicious to those who try to steal any as one expects a dragon to be.

  7. Intelligence doesn’t make you lose your instincts. Ravens are super intelligent, but they still collect things. Really intelligent humans collect things. It’s always good to have a hobby. Lol

  8. Did you post your dragon class? If so, can you repost the link please? I’d like to check it out!

    Personally, I would avoid playing a class that required sinking gold into a class ability. Since I’m not sure how the class is structured, is there a reason not to use advanced moves to expand your hoard rather than gold?

  9. For CS Lewis (Narnia) a dragon represented greed: The need to have something just for the sake of having it. If  it fulfills some other need than just the need to possess it, it is not what it is about.

    That said, how is a dragon going to be part of a party?

    Rogue: “Lets go carouse in the pub!” 

    Dragon: “OK. Where’s the pub?”

    Rogue: “You just sat on it. Never mind. We’ll go some place else…”

  10. andrew ferris When I say “gold sink”, I didn’t mean that the dragon payed for the kobolds in-game. One of the points behind the class is that it is not supposed to be relying on gear, and as such I just want to incentivize throwing all your gold in a pile.

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