17 thoughts on “Color-coding my basic move and spell sheets, because Jason Morningstar is a freaking genius.”

  1. Also had a conversion-revelation this morning, realizing that the technique whereby every PC levels after every session perfectly solves the problem of hurt feelings over XP imbalance (which was a significant issue in our last campaign).

  2. But … the criteria for earning XP is very specific? (Failing rolls, learning something new, defeating a notable monster…) Not to mention the fact that for the latter, end-of-session ones, everyone gets a point if the group meets that goal?

  3. I’ve not experienced a campaign where PCs were more than a level apart for a very long period of time. I guess if a player is performing more moves (and thus, failing more often), a PC might jump ahead in xp total. But the PC failing all the time is going to get into trouble and quickly. At least, they should be. Failing for xp should be a deadly strategy.

  4. There were some move sheets on the table in Jason’s last pics that were yellow. This is because we had a giant DW party and I printed 20+ move sheets and I ran out of white paper and now it is A DEAL apparently.

  5. I think it’s just a matter of preference. Personally I prefer to use XP because leveling every session progresses too quickly for my taste. For others, that’s not an issue.

  6. Craig Hatler sure, you limit individual character utility but not campaign length. Just start playing a new guy when your current guy gets too powerful, after ten sessions you’ll have a rogue’s gallery of hirelings, lovers, and colorful NPCs to choose from.

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