Grab Bag of Equipment Tags

Grab Bag of Equipment Tags

Grab Bag of Equipment Tags

As part of a different project, I generated a list of 200 or so tags for magical equipment and the like. 

Note that this is not the same as a universal list of tags. It would be a useful project to generate a list of existing or tested tags that can be used for general purposes. That is not this list.

In making this list, I went for the quirky, the unusual, and the interesting rather than the broadly useful. This means that some of the tags would probably be better expressed as custom moves or item descriptions. It’s also not completionist or exhaustive.

One useful way to use this list is to pick a tag and rewrite it as something more specific or more general. Maybe the flaming sword affects the user too, or the sword that cuts through metal can only be stopped by leather or cloth. Or you can take the tag as inspiration and write a move that has a specific mechanical effect.

The document is editable by everyone, so feel free to add your own additions.

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12 thoughts on “Grab Bag of Equipment Tags”

  1. Isaac Karth you are a beautiful sight to behold! I’ve been looking for something like this since I first learned of tags in DW. I’ve always been so surprised that more people don’t share custom tags. I imagined this exact list (long, anybody can contribute) would exist for all tag categories. It has saddened me very much that none existed. You are awesome! Thank you so much and I will do what I can to add to it =D

  2. Isaac Karth you start out with; As part of a different project, I generated a list of 200 or so tags for magical equipment and the like. Is there another tag project you’ve been working on?

  3. The start was the Weaponsmith Compendium Class. The tag list just kept growing and I figured it deserved to be it’s own thing.

    I do think it’d be a good idea to start cataloging tags that have been previously used, so we can have a resource to go back to. I didn’t really attempt that, since this is more a list of new tags.

  4. Should go that route I would be more than happy to help you build the list. Tags are a very strong part of the system. It makes sense to have an arsenal at your fingertips. There isn’t enough homebrewing going on in the DW community >=|

  5. I added a second page for existing tags. I’d prefer to keep it organized by reserving that page for tags originally published elsewhere, and the like: general things that are useful in more than one spot. That way the first page can stay a grab bag of everyone’s wacky new tag ideas.

  6. So all of the tags from the DW book belong on that page or only ones from the DW rulebook that are useful in more than one spot? Also, are there other sources allowed beyond the DW rulebook? Sorry to pester. I just want to make sure I know what I’m doing before I start adding to your document.

  7. Any and all sources are allowed! Please add more! I mostly meant that the existing tags page works best if it’s for stuff published elsewhere; usually that means that it’s already general enough to be used by something non-unique. New non-unique stuff can also go there.  If you can see it being useful in lots of campaigns, not just one, it’s probably general enough to fit.

    Some of the grab-bag tags are highly specific and I think it’d be useful to keep a list that’s a little more generic.


    So, all tags from the Dungeon World book count because they’re designed to be used by more than one thing. Kind of a list of battle-tested tags.

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