Hey! Another playbook! This time it’s the Shifter, a racial class inspired by Andri Erlingsson ‘s Elf, Dwarf, and Halfling and made for my upcoming Eberron supplement (I swear it’s close to finished!).

The Shifter is the guy who uses (and deals with the consequences of) their inner beast. In addition to being able to play the Shifter, any shifter of another class can take moves from the Shifter without a multiclass move. However, you count as one level lower for taking the move, as usual.

Credit where it’s due: The Beast Monarch move is taken from Tim Franzke ‘s Druid of One Form, and the Wild Instincts and Sniff ‘Em Out were pretty much taken verbatim from Monsterhearts’ Werewolf. Talk Like the Animals is from the DW Guide, and the Bestial Urges were inspired by Monster of the Week’s Spooky. Wow, that looks like a lot when typed out.

Let me know what you think! The Warforged will be next out of the gates, I think, unless the Changeling or the Kalashtar are surprisingly easy to write.


12 thoughts on “Hey!”

  1. It’s a cool concept, and well done. I’m not clear as to what role the shifter plays in the party though. Is he a front-line fighter? A tracker?

  2. I like it, although there are a number of moves that still need to be made by the gm/player and I don’t know how I feel about that. On the one hand, it is nice to have such a flexible class right from the gate but it also means the class is a huge time sink in character creation.

  3. It is only two moves, but they need to be made at character creation, and since those are your two moves, you need to make sure they are fun, interesting and fair. It just looks like something that could easily hijack an entire session to make sure everyone is happy with the moves.

  4. Dont think the urges work good in practise either you do and and get XP or you suck at shifting.

    How about, when you have an opportunity to indulge in your urges and you want to resist them, tell us how and roll to defy danger.

  5. I think the original creates either dysfunctional group and fast XP or unfun because you can’t shift.

    Later make advanced moves that trigger when you indulge or when you successfully resist.

    And I didn’t even realise that this is the Ghoul move. Neat.

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