Couple of quick questions for the veterans here.

Couple of quick questions for the veterans here.

Couple of quick questions for the veterans here. 

Starting Spells for Human: The starting human moves for Wizard and Cleric (choose a spell from Wizard if Cleric, Choose a spell from Cleric if Wizard) does this spell have to be 1st level?

Multiclassing and the Druid: Some classes like the Bard get several multiclass advanced moves. Are they allowed to take the Druid starting moves, and if so, do they have to take both “Born of the Soil” and “Shapeshifter” as separate advanced moves to actually shapeshift into animals?


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  1. Also, if starting moves rely on one another, it seems to be an accepted convention that one multiclass move can take both of them. Some playbooks will even say, at the bottom of the first page,  “Take both X and Y if either X and Y is chosen for a multiclass move” or something to that effect.

  2. Nope you can take whatever you want. Doesn’t mean you can cast it at first level.

    If you take Shapeshifter you get Born of the Soil automatically. Any time you take a move with multi class that requires another move you get the required move automatically. So if you were to take the Wizards “Cast a Spell” move you get “Prepare Spells” for free.

  3. When you multiclass and take a starting move, you also get any moves it depends on/requires to work: “For the purpose of multiclassing, any starting class moves that depend on each other count as one move—the wizard’s cast a spell, spellbook, and prepare spells for example.” That’s from the “Playing the Game” chapter.

    Born of the Soil and Shapeshifter also go together, and I’d argue that Studied Essence goes into that as well since Shapeshifter refers to “an animal whose essence you have studied”.

    If you’re a human Cleric or Wizard you can certainly add a spell of 3rd level or higher to your starting repertoire – you just won’t be able to prepare it until you can hold that many spell levels in your brain.

  4. 1st question: I let my players to take an high level spell too (nothing say you have to choose a starting spell). Of course, they cannot use it until they gain the correct level. Simply they know there is an high level spell waiting for them in the future.

    2nd question: you can choose a starting move, and you gain all the other moves required to make the move you chose initially to work (you can find this one in the manual, but I haven’t the book here right now).

    Of course, here try to follow the fiction. Usually I bar the people to get out-of-their-character moves, they have to bring some explanation for that.

  5. 1) as it’s been said, any level, but I add also: a wizard doesn’t automatically learn the chosen spell; the spell is merely added to the wizard spell list. In other words, it’s not a bonus spell, it’s an expansion of the wizard spell list.

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