Hey mates.

Hey mates.

Hey mates. So I’m going to be running this adventure tomorrow at Evercon14. I made a premade for every base class (including Barbarian). My question for you is, what questions would you come up with for the barbarian, ranger, paladin, bard, and druid to help link them in to the story. I have a few thought out but I’d like to here what you guys think.


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  1. Yeah. I have no idea who will be showing up so I’m going to assume that I need to hold everyone’s hand. Limited time to play means taking every shortcut you can take.

    At the beginning of the adventure (page 1) it has a question for each of the four classes of the demo. I wanted to open up the other four for the con because I get the feeling I’m going to get at least 5 people.

  2. I’ve run a number of one-shots in limited time frames, and for myself, I prefer to do character generation at the table.  It only takes 15-30 minutes, and walking people through the sheet gives me a quick way to introduce basic rule concepts.  Also, I think setting up their own bonds is pretty important to player buy-in.  Unless you are really short of time, I’d suggest letting folks create their own characters.

  3. When I run a game at a con I normally use pre-gens, however with Dungeon World I just put out playbooks, let each player grab one and go.

    Last time we started after stats were filled in. Throughout the first encounter I was asking questions that prompted filling out more of the playbook. By the time the opening scene wrapped up we had Bonds, Alignments, and completed playbooks. 

  4. The only thing I didn’t do was bonds, but the subject of using pregens or not for a con game is not why I started this. I want to know if anyone had ideas for class tie ins to the adventure I linked.

  5. Bard: Why did you tell Florimel about the ancient temple?

    Paladin: Why did you let the Spider-Witch live when you could have killed her so many months before?

    Druid: Why have you neglected keeping the temple safe?

  6. Thanks John Lewis. Those are pretty good. The druid one is way better than mine. Now I just need one for a barbarian. What I have is “What did you destroy that sent Florimel to the ancient temple?” I feel like it might be too open.

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