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  1. I read polemancer, I think magic stripper, I read article, realize I wasn’t too far off. Well done mate. Looks like a solid addition, though with the exotic dancer connotation it might turn a few people off from it. Speaking as a prude myself I can vouch. The mechanics are well done. I like how you opened it up to either STR or DEX characters. This way many more PCs can get into it. Overall well done.

  2. Delos Adamski I tried to make it something that had both mechanical power and flexibility, just like most pole dancers do. This is is a class I would like to play, even if I was a huge beefy barbarian. I also tried to make it less about seducing NPCS and more about kicking serious ass. Do you think the exotic dancer connotation should be toned down? I tried to avoid the words stripper, shaft, sliding, etc.

  3. If you don’t intend this to be a tongue in cheek joke, a lot of the language in going to have to be changed. Everything in this class screams POLE DANCER, including the name.

    Which is fine. I have no problem with a pole dancer compendium class. You could make a stripper class if you really wanted to. ;^) But you can’t have it both ways. Either it’s an adult joke (potentially turning people off) or it’ll have to become a spear fighter with absolutely no subtext at all.

    Also, mechanically speaking I think it’s a mistake to have moves that don’t miss, evenon a 6-.

  4. I used “routine” because it’s part of the terminology, and sounded cooler than “trick” which generally refers to fooling, conning, or doing a magick trick. I will definitely flip the two bar types. Are there any tags you might add? or any tags that don’t make sense?

  5. also, Laura Henderson , do you think I should stick with having a series of tags for making your own routines?, or just make a bunch of pre-set routines to pick from?

    Either way, if you would like to add more routines, I’d be grateful. I kinda made it up as I went.

  6. Delos Adamski that is exactly what I was just thinking =P

    David Schirduan I agree with Laura Henderson, focus on trick style combat would be better than performance for the reasons she gave. Also I like the idea from Delos about Polemancer, mixing this combat style with magic.

    If you were to go that route you might be able to find a very happy mid point between tricks and performance. I guess it all depends on the vibe you have in mind for people who are playing with this Playbook, Seductress vs Amazon Warrior vs Ditzy College Girl who can shake it like nobodies business.

  7. I’ll open up the document for editing, feel free to edit or add additional moves for your spin on it. Just don’t delete or alter what I’ve got. Add your twists or changes below.

  8. Ok so I’m just gonna put these here because they’re more for fun and laughs than to be actually used. If you want to use them David go ahead. I’m putting them on your doc as well.

    Advanced Moves

    Get Two Hands on the Shaft

    When you are holding on to your spear while it is planted you gain an additional +1 to Defy Danger.

    Happy Ending

    At the end of a fight you heal 1d8 hp.

    Pull Out

    You can spend a POLE to remove the spear from its anchor to avoid damage from an attack. If you do so you take -1 to your next Material roll until you can fix your tip.

    aaaaand I’m done for now.

  9. Oh got another

    Horizontal Mambo

    You can now plant your spear into any wall that could support the weight and use the spear in a horizontal position to perform tricks and attacks. Could also be used to reach higher places.

  10. Ah, I assumed that horizontal things were already allowed. I purposefully used “solid surface” rather than ground. Heck, it could even be placed in the ceiling is the fiction allows it.

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