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a thing you could play with DW/Dungeon Planet or whatever

Centuries ago, the Dark Lord (an evil mind-sorcerer) was driven away after decades of war. He was driven away to the stars, leaving the world to humankind and the small handful of good and neutral immortal mind-sorcerers who went into retirement.

Or so it was thought, before the second moon appeared in the sky. But that was no moon. It was the Eye of Death, a fully-operational orbital battle station that looked down at the planet below, monitoring everything and sending down its deadly gaze to destroy all opposition to the new global empire of evil. The minions and champions of the Dark Lord descended as well, to seize control of the seats of power from mortal rulers.

Among the remaining rebels, however, there was a new hope. While the Lord of the Stars was mighty, and the Eye of Death was programmed to follow his every whim, his mortal descendants shared the same genetic code, and if they could only travel in secret across the land — for they had been kept in hiding, not knowing of their true heritage — to the great space elevator called the Mountain of the Stars, they could ascend to the Eye and destroy it forever.

So that’s what you’re going to do. Grab the ancient reforged laser-sword that once belonged to your ancestor, the Lord of the Stars, and let’s do this, princess!

P.S. And of course one of the good mind-sorcerers will come out of retirement to help train/lead you, until they die tragically halfway to your destination.

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