world of dungeons epic one-shot

world of dungeons epic one-shot

world of dungeons epic one-shot

I was with two friends last friday, it was late night and suddenly we decided to play (despite till that moment it wasn’t absolutely on our mind), so I Gm’d. We started to play as a joke, I was sure that we would have quit playing after ten minutes, but things went different…

We have Balishar the wiz and Larus the thief, they are walking a path through the woods. It’s early night and a stormy weather has just caught them.

They see a small village and head to the inn looking for a place to sleep.

As soon as they enter inside the inn people stop talking and everybody stare at them.

Till this moment we were going for a gonzo style adventure, but then I sayed something that changed the mood and set everyone on the same page…

are you demons or dead people? Because no one except them walk this land at night says a villager.

They learn that the village is cursed, two demons hunt the townfolk at night. Magic runes prevent them from getting inside the building.

they found a dead girl slain by the demons, but later they discover that th girl is an hunter from a realm on anoter plane and that she is immortal, if killed at night she’ll revive in the morning.

She is here to kill the demons: they are like a lion/boar/wolf the size of a horse, but they are just a projection of huge and deadly monsters that threat their people on her plane, so she hunt them on this other plane were they are weaker.

The wiz learn also that killing thise demons will cause something terrible to happen there.

There were a lot of cool scene, there was mistery, adventure, and most important: choices.

At the end they helped the girl-hunter to kill the demons, but both the Pc were mortally wounded by the creatures, maybe they will live another week, who knows?

But something is happening, a vortex of cloud in the darkness of the night sky, what will happen know? What have they done?

It was a pretty intense game, we played for less than two hours, but many things happened and everything was really cool.

Note: the only move

We used was last breath.

the wizard could cast every spell he wanted to, creating it at the moment,

But if there was a price to pay, it was always proportioned to the intended effect (right now I’m thinking a way to codify that “create your own spells” wizard).

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  1. Sounds like AWESOME! Even more so since you went in with no plans for a strong story based adventure. I wish you luck in your next session. Thank you for sharing =D

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