Clockborg Compendium Class. (OK, its only 2 moves, so its 1/2 a CC)

Clockborg Compendium Class. (OK, its only 2 moves, so its 1/2 a CC)

Clockborg Compendium Class. (OK, its only 2 moves, so its 1/2 a CC)

Prosthetic clockwork arm 

The prosthesis is usually not for sale. If you find one on a dead body, good for you.  You will still have to pay the following: Clock makers fee: 300 coins. Healer’s fee: 300 coins

When you have lost an arm in battle or otherwise, next time when you level up you may graft a mechanical arm on the stump, using healing magic to splice minute gears to nerve endings.You have to wind your prosthesis at least twice a day. 

Choose 1 upgrade

Whirling blades (messy) or spring loaded (forceful):  Add +1d4 to damage done with this arm. 

Shield: +1 armor 

Built in double mini-crossbow or built in double barreled flintlock pistol: Do two volley moves in the time of  one. Reload. Pierce 1. 

Telescopic: Any melee weapon in this hand gains the  “reach” tag. 

Multi tools: You have a whole set of tools attached to your prosthesis. Always have what you need! 

Grappling gun: Your arm shoots a grappling hook on a thin wire that retracts automatically. It can carry your own weight.

Prosthetic clockwork arm upgrade

Clockmaker’s fee: 100 coin.

When you have a prosthetic clockwork arm, the next time you level up you may choose one extra upgrade for your arm instead of taking an advanced move. You may take this move only once. 

☺I have doubts about the grappling gun. It’s cool, but maybe a bit much?

(The Clockpunk has this as an advanced move, his is more powerful.)

4 thoughts on “Clockborg Compendium Class. (OK, its only 2 moves, so its 1/2 a CC)”

  1. I actually like the last three options (telescopic, multi-tool, and grappling gun) the most of the options, since they would help bring more creative solutions to the mix.

    What happens if you don’t wind your prosthesis? How long does it take? This seems like a place where you a GM could make some hard and soft moves that you may want to build in to the description. Maybe part of the move is activating your prosthesis.

    When you activate your prosthesis, roll+INT (DEX, WIS, whatever makes the most sense here – I can’t decide). *On a 10+ it works flawlessly. *On a 7-9 choose 1.

     – It works, but something is broken. You’re going to need to spend some time repairing it before you use it again.

     – When was the last time you oiled your prosthesis? When you activate it, it makes a loud grinding noise that attracts a lot of attention.

     – It works, but the affect is stronger or weaker than you intended. The GM will describe how.

  2. Hi Alex

    You have to wind it twice a day, otherwise it simply won’t work.

    I thought of writing a move for it (and like the idea!), so it may break, but that would reduce its usefulness dramatically and not make it a desired object. 

    I got the idea first when I worked on the Clockpunk, since the “punk” part involves human-tech integration. (Think Cyberpunk) But a while ago there was a huge discussion here about the “messy” tag – people losing limbs and stuff. Now a GM can have limb-ripping monsters to his hearts desire…

    Thanks for the input!

  3. Wynand Louw That makes sense about its usefulness. As it is, you’ve got it more like the fighter’s signature weapon, which works great, too.

    And I suppose when you’re using the tool to accomplish some risky task, you could be triggering a separate move instead. Shooting your grapple gun to swing across a pit of lava? Sounds like you’re defying danger to me!

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