In case people want to know, the Fantastic Locations that we made during our Microscope game are as follows:

In case people want to know, the Fantastic Locations that we made during our Microscope game are as follows:

In case people want to know, the Fantastic Locations that we made during our Microscope game are as follows:

The Glass Spire

A secret order of witch hunters, working directly for the king of Elwynnan, sought to destroy a mage tower in the capital city of Athion, along with all the unfortunate souls within. They stole a new and untested doomsday device from an artificer in the city and then deployed it in the tower. After they had gotten safely away from the city, the device (henceforth known as “Worldbreaker”) went off.

The witch hunters thought it a bomb, but it didn’t destroy the tower. Instead, the city around the tower was leveled and the ground was turned into glass, as were the tower. An expedition was sent in to investigate, but only one elven woman survived, a magitech who claimed that her party was assaulted, and by large murdered, by a gigantic glass spider, along with millions of its tiny young.


It’s a forest, aye, but that’s about the only natural quality it possess. Shimmerwood wasn’t grown as much as it was crafted. It was meant to be a paradise for a circle of druids, but it was corrupted and twisted by their greed and lust for power. As such, no natural animals inhabit these woods, and abominations and monsters aplenty roam it, always looking for flesh. Even the trees will uproot to crush unwary travelers.

Deeply magical in nature, it ultimately attracted a tribe of wood elves, who used their magics to tame parts of the forest and claim it as their home. Their city is all but unassailable, as one has to venture through miles upon miles of the monster infested forest to even reach it.

The Necrim Ziggurat

The Necrim Cult has long been a plague on the land of Elwynnan, in not long ago, during the Last Great War that brought the world to its knees, they even succeeded in eradicating the country from within by releasing an undead army so immense that it could not possible be sustained by the magics of the necromancers who controlled them.

The trick was the Necrim Ziggurat. Hidden within Elwynnan, the Necrim built an unholy temple to absorb, pervert and channel the magical energies of the land. And as the war raged, they had no shortage of bodies…

The Necrim Cult is devoted to discovering the secrets of eternal life, and their magic is really just a perversion of druidic spirit magic. Instead of spirits though, they bind and enslave souls, or harvest them for energy.

The Flying Citadel of New Athion

The city was constructed at the behest of the mad and self-absorbed king of Athion, long after the capital city was turned to glass by the Worldbreaker device. The city was meant to house and protect the lucky survivors of the Last Great War, and thousands upon thousands of refugees fled their homes to find safety here.

The king was later “persuaded” into abdicating. There was incriminating evidence that he was solely responsible for the destruction of entire cities, and the people would revolt should a certain document “accidentally” fall into the wrong hands. His own daughter was, along with his chief advisor, responsible for this, and when the daughter took the crown, she formed the Great Council, consisting of the various lords, appointed by the surviving nobility.

The city is highly mobile and it travels where the Great Council dictates. They even use this control the weather when possible, so that they have rain when their fields needs it.

The Crystal Caves of Zaiir

This cave, now lost to time, was a source of great power for the Sorcerer King during his long reign many ages ago. It was literally filled with crystals that absorbed energy, and they were used as batteries to power the magitech weapons and equipment of his armies.

Its location was kept a strict secret, and when the capital city of Carelius fell, its whereabouts were lost. No writings were allowed to even document its existence, for fear that it might fall into enemy hands.

Note: We decided that New Athion would be the home base for our campaign.

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