7 thoughts on “I did some more work on my alt chargen thing for DW.”

  1. Just at a glance, I’d only read through the Disciples section so far:

    “You may instead choose only two disciple specialties instead of three.” (p.6).

    Can you take the same speciality multiple times? I think it would work better if you can’t.

    Halfling Devoted’s racial should probably just be “choose one of your deity’s domains; when you Spout Lore about that, +1,” otherwise it has no effect if you don’t choose an additional domain.

    Circle of Protection could probably do with being “it keeps spirits” instead of “a spirit.”

    Should the Martial Hero have a “your body is a weapon” move as a starting move? My gut feeling is yes.

  2. Yeah, good catches, I’ll change those. Two specialties are for people who really, really like one specialty in particular and are probably going to max out on it anyway, so there’s no point in making them take a third one. You can make characters like the IW Mechanic, for example, doing that, although choosing two specialties with not a lot of moves in them will kinda bite you I guess.

  3. I was specifically asking about e.g. taking the Crusader twice to boost your damage die to d10. I’m guessing you’re not supposed to (I get the rules for specifically only take two specialties and getting a free 2-5 advance instead of the extra starting moves).

    Either way, it’s an interesting system – I’ll go over the rest later tonight if I have the time.

  4. Wow, this looks really neat! a lot like more traditional character creation, where you pick your list of abilities. Similar to Legend. I’ll try this out with my group, and we’ll see how it goes.

  5. Alex Norris  Ah, yeah, I get you now. I’ll add a note at some point specifically saying you can’t take the same one twice, just to be clear.

    David Schirduan  Thanks! I’m also hoping it will help people write new base classes, like if they have an idea for a compendium class and want to bump it up to a base class, or if they have a specific setting idea and want to make a set of classes (in whole or in part) that aren’t ones already available.

  6. I love this stuff! Looks like alot has been added since the last playtest I looked at from November.  The Disciple section is interesting.  My favorite so far is the Impervious. I had a character back in the day that was the definition of Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.  Nice work!

    And really, who can resist a Game of Thrones reference in a DW move?

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