The good natured pyromancer throws a Pyroblast at you.

The good natured pyromancer throws a Pyroblast at you.

The good natured pyromancer throws a Pyroblast at you. Beeing the dodgy thief that you are you jump out of the way, rolling a 9 on Defy Danger. I give you a worse outcome. 

“You jump backwards, away from the heatwave but something about the beauty of the fire just draws your eye. To bad that the explosion comes with a blinding white light. It is the last thing you will see for a while.

Then you hear a warscream comming from the Ghouls to your right. But you can’t see anything. What do you do?”

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  1. Stand with a look of aw on my face. yell out “I have seen the holy light of Fizzwick the day bringer. I am his servant and no evil shall stand before his might. I have been blessed with his power to burn evil to cinders who dares face the light? ” and hope I distract the ghouls long enough for the cleric to turn them.

  2. Adrian Brooks blinding a player is actually a pretty decent in-a-pinch application of “put someone in a spot” as long as you don’t drag it out. It’s especially fun to put the pressure on someone else, too. So, when the Thief gets blinded, look at the Paladin and say;

    “Lux, you can see Bug stumbling around blind and the giant spider looks ready to pounce. What’ll you do?”

  3. Adam Koebel Blinding can also work if you / the player use it as an opportunity to “sell” the character’s competence. Make “blinded” about missing clues or opportunities, but using cunning, unconventional solutions.

  4. I know my tools so well I don’t need to look at them. My hands pull my kit and I lay it on the floor. I’ve removed locks in complete darkness. I’ve dodged guards. And most importantly, I’ve learned to lay a trap in under 30 seconds in the dark and hide.

  5. Adrian Brooks   Your mistake was in blinding the players rather than their characters.  I can see how blinded players wouldn’t be having a good time…  🙂

  6. Daniel Kellett once played a character who was blinded halfway through a campaign. His character continued to do awesome things while blind, but the biggest problem was mostly that we’d forget and talk about stuff that assumed the character could still see.

    GM: “A handsome man turns and smiles at you.”

    Daniel: “Awesome. I smile back and – wait, no, I’m blind, that doesn’t work.”

    GM: “Right. Ummm… You hear a soft chuckle, and…”

    Daniel’s solution was to start wearing a blindfold during the game.

  7. I was blind in pathfinder society game two weeks ago…

    And the week before there was this creepy dude in pathfinder who cast a magical darkness immune to magical and mundane light. Which means EVERYBODY was blind. Scary stuff…

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