Hello all, I’ve been messing around with a “Brawler” base class.

Hello all, I’ve been messing around with a “Brawler” base class.

Hello all, I’ve been messing around with a “Brawler” base class. Kind of a crude, lewd, bar-fighting, Bronson (the movie with Tom Hardy) style character. I was trying to fit this in without overpowering the other primarily combat-oriented classes. Any feedback positive or negative would be appreciated.

version 0.3


version 0.2


version 0.1


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  1. Just a small nitpick. The way TAUNT is worded right now works like this: 

    You go into battle. 

    Now you HAVE to taunt someone and roll+CHA. 

    Is this intended? 

  2. Improvised Weapon.

    Is the “your weapon is destroyed” effect intended to be instead of the GM moves or in addition? Because right now it says this is instead of the gm move. 

    Ace up your sleeve 

    Your opponent challenges you to “double or nothing.” 

    Does this mean you just roll the move again? This could create an infinite loop of moves. Maybe the first time i saw this in DW. The implication of cheating should maybe make this a DEX move. 

    “If things get out of control, mark experience” 

    made me smile

    Why does the CON fighting move has 3 options while the others only have 2? 

    With !Barehanded Beast, can you combine effects from different fighting styles? 

    Not Dead Yet

    the 7-9 result is really punishing. I feel this move should interact with Last Breath, not with your HP. A bit like the barbarian makes death an offer instead of getting one. 

    All in all i really like this class. Brute Force could create some strange things in play – i am not quite sure. I can’t really see the fiction here. It also creates an incentive to just talk to and then pummel everyone you meet instead of using parley. This might actually be just strictly better then parley. Maybe make it only work on mental problems? But especially then i can’t see the fiction… 

  3. I think you could fix Brute Force by saying “bypass” instead of “solve.” If I’m trying to get into a restricted area and security wants to keep me out, my shoving past them doesn’t really solve the immediate problem, it just goes around it. 

  4. Ryven Cedrylle great idea. That was really my intent with the Brute Force move. This is the kind of character that, when faced with a mentally or socially taxing situation, might try to avoid the situation altogether by resorting to violence. I suppose this could just play out through the fiction without needing a custom move, but it seemed important to the personality of the class.

  5. Tim Franzke Thanks for the great feedback!

     For Ace up the Sleeve, I wasn’t sure about the double or nothing clause, either. Maybe it’s a first-time only choice, The infinite loop could be resolved, though, if you either rolled a 6-, which in the case of layered double or nothings could be catastrophic, or on a full success of 10+. Spot on about DEX vs. CHA on that, too. I’ll swap them out.

    I gave the CON style three options since the other two have a few hidden options in the list of tags.

    For Barehanded Beast, it seems like you should only choose options from one of the styles at a time. Any given attack would be either precise, brutal, or relentless but not a combination of them. I’ll reword it.

    Not Dead Yet: This one is a lot like the Barbarian’s death move too. I think I’ll have to think a little more about whether it should be in there at all. It’s meant to be a reflection of the toughness of the character. 

  6. But bypass, at least as I imagine it, is ‘put off ’til later.’ Security doesn’t give up on me, they just have to come get me in the area now and when they come back, there’s probably three or four of them now. I can’t quite find the right word to describe that.

  7. I can’t view your file as I’m on my phone, so criticism is pretty limited! Have you checked out my Brute class? Preview available with tge Pirate World preview. Soumds like it has similar concepts of unarmed combat and refusing to die!

  8. Shold be “Fearless” useful even with normal enemies trying to scare you out of your pants? Something like: GM “Brawler, roll+WIS to keep you in one piece, when the ancient king intimidates you!” Player “I’m fearless! No need to roll! 😀 “

  9. “Barehanded Beast” can you choose the same option twice?

    “Tosser” can you gain the damage bonus from “Improvised Weapon”?

    However, I feel this as a funny class, kudos 😀 

  10. Well, they would be the kind of person to just punch death in the face. on a 10+ it is all okay, on a 7-9 you roll last breath the lst time you hit 0. 

  11. Still, I feel that lose a stat point is an heavy modifier. Maybe the “classic” debility is better suited. Both the options have nothing to do with Last Breath, this is just a different type of malus to give to the character.

  12. Thanks to all for the helpful questions and comments! I updated the original post with a link to the version 0.2, which should address some of the issues that came up. 

    “Not Dead Yet” has been rewritten as “When you face Death and survive, you return to life enraged. Gain 1d8 HP and take +1 forward.” 

    “Brute Force” includes some more caveats to help add to the fiction rather than letting folks circumvent issues. Its trigger is now “When you attempt to temporarily bypass a social or mental problem using your raw physical strength”

  13. I think you should combine Fearless and Into The Drink into a move, maybe call it Liquid Courage and keep the being drunk trigger. I would also weaken the fearlessness aspect and move it to an advanced move improvement.

  14. Maybe taunt shouldn’t bring that “until either one of you is dead”. In a lot of campaigns, death is not the best option, and I think the ability should give the player a sort of magnet to keep an enemy (the boss?) occupied while his friends make other moves. 

    But what if you taunt a enemy-possible-future-friend? Maybe “until either one of you is KO”, or “until either one of you is defeated”, or “until either one of you admit the defeat” could be more interesting phrasing.

  15. Andrea Parducci Good point. That was actually my intent, too. I don’t think the Brawler is all that interested in killing; more like teaching someone a lesson with her fists.

  16. James Hawthorne No worries!  Side note: I bought a copy of your Brute class. Holy crap it looks fun. One of the players in our monthly group might be playing it. I’ll let you know how it goes if he does.

  17. i decided prepare a playbook for a player of mine, and some moves of the Brawler are… perfect! Before you ask: the drinking and gambling ones. I added them to the Trickster for a rowdier character. 

    How can I credit you enough? 😉

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