Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Oh my god. 

Poison soaked, fluffy white rabbits used to volley. 

Giant, three headed, fire breathing, elemental stone snake.

Deadly, deep elf assassins.

My players finally came to the conclusion that braiding together the intestines of their fallen enemies and trying to use “gut rope” to escape the dungeon by rappelling down a hundred foot pit was the best idea, and preferable to sticking around to see what was on level two. 

Best game ever. 


12 thoughts on “Oh my god.”

  1. We ended the night right at the moment they made that decision. When we resume, they can try to figure all that out. 

    I know that their plan hinges on there being “miles” of small intestine in an average human. 

    I am really hoping that they stick it out, and try to get out by going the long way, through the dungeon level above them. 

  2. I was horrified to find myself wondering what kind of weight small intestines might be able to support. Had i studied medicine, i might have a better idea of what to expect. 

    As it is, i suspect anything heavier than an average halfling might be too much. Which is unfortunate for them, since they are all playing human characters. 

  3. Don’t forget that many instruments’ strings were made of animal bowels, and are quite resistant to traction. Maybe you have an elven bard who, in the past…

  4. Braided together, though… (probably still not strong enough, they use it for sausage casing).

    As I recall there is something like thirty feet of intestine in a human, so I would expect something similar from an elf. I wouldn’t count the rabbits at all, unless they’re really big rabbits. The snake might be more useful.

    Also, slippery.

    I’d probably try cutting strips off the snake, if it actually be done, and use that.

    However, rule of cool and all… I’d be tempted to let it work, more or less, and only break once it’s done this job. This is nasty, disgusting, and badass.

  5. Yeah, those rabbits got a raw deal. They went from being snake food to being used to mop up deadly contact poison, to being short ranged, convulsing, fluffy “weapons”.

  6. Good point. 

    They did a lot of realy cool stuff in that session. I was kind of in a rut as far as success with a cost goes, and those Deep Elf swordmasters can be dangerous at 2d8+2(b).

    But they survived. Mostly. One of them had to swear an oath to Death. 

    The opportunity i feel i really missed out on was not being able to really convey the sense of arrogant rage and disbelief when the Deep Elf assassin was hit in the face with the poisonous rabbit corpse. 

    The best part is that the dungeon, the critters and the NPC population foudn within, were all their own ideas. I asked them questions and filled it with what they suggested. 

    I suspect they will be less forthcoming the next time. Or will opt for more rabbits and less Xorn Snakes. 

  7. Trust me, they’ll fall. This is my professional opinion.

    BUT, if there is a wizard present he could do a ritual to make it stronger.

    Components: Spider silk, Chrome, and Surgical Spirits.

    Procedure: Drink the spirits, then thread the spider silk through the lumen of the gut. It has to stay in one piece. The Chrome is just to add bling. 

    The gut-and-spider silk-rope will probably break. But because of the spirits you won’t mind.

  8. this is a time where I would rule that reality has no place in the conversation. Let them roll for it — total success means it works, partial is works with complications, failure is failure. done.

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