New Class!

New Class!

New Class! The Champion was initially created for Grim Portents Issue #2, which seems to have been delayed, unfortunately. I figured that I’d let you guys take a look at it and give me some feedback.

The reason for this class is to be a superhero, specifically in the vein of Captain Marvel and the like. The main question I avatar form move, especially about its complexity. Any ways to simplify the Stats, HP, and (maybe) the powers?

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  1. The trick about class design is to look at a class as a means to solving a problem – how does this class do the things it takes to be an adventurer. What tools are at their disposal that the other classes don’t have?  A thief steals, a fighter fights, a wizard casts spells, a paladin exerts authority, a druid changes, etc. What does your class do?

  2. Adam Koebel wow, that threw me for a loop. I’m going to need to think about that for a bit. My first thought is to say “they fight” or “they dispense their god’s will” but that doesn’t feel satisfactory. Hmmm…

  3. Giovanni Lanza it’s the only reason a class should exist and not be a Compendium Class, right? That they do things in a very different way. There’s obviously some nuance (in that someone might think that they have a different angle on “the guy who fights”) but that’s how I look at making classes.

  4. Maybe (I’m just spitballing here) the Monk is the guy who seeks. Perfection, enlightenment, whatever. He just seeks it, and won’t let anything get in the way. But that’s stepping on the Barbarian’s toes.

  5. Yes, I encountered similar questions and reached a very similar answer when I was writing my Monk. I agree that this looks, thematically, like a Compendium Class would make more sense.

  6. Okay, so I’ve made some changes, mainly adding a Favor mechanic. I’m still not really sold that it should be a compendium class (maybe I’m just being stubborn). To answer Adam Koebel ‘s question, what the Champion does is they leverage their (unfortunately fickle) deity’s power.

  7. I think this class is different enough to stand on its own. Thematicly it has the same ground as the Paladin yet it is a completely different take on the premise. The problem with making something as strong as this a compendium class is that there are only nine advancements before you hit 10nth level. So your theme is diluted with that of your base class. In D&D 1st ed I wanted to be a bard but had to be two other classes before I could become one. I hated it. So I give this class a thumbs up. I like it.

  8. Nemesis “reroll any 1s on any rolls you make against them.” WOW, I feel this as freaking powerful move. Maybe you could force the player to reroll both dice. Maybe you could limit this to “1 time save” (something like cleric divine intervent), maybe you could remove 1 favor for each use. Dunno what could be the best.

  9. Greyskull: ” In addition, on a 7-9, you can choose the following complication: Your allies are struck with divine energy and also take your class damage.”

    Why they should? Maybe they must (so with a 7-9 your friends take damage, with 10+ only the enemies).

  10. Ack! Kryptonite! “… On a 7-9, choose one:

    Its touch burns you, take 1d6 damage. …”

    Of course the player goes to choose this one listed here, so they stay away from the substance and they are ok.

    Maybe this could be a GM choice, so he can put the hero in dangerous situations (ie. if the enemies wield the substance and hit the hero, then the GM could choice the damage. If he wnat the hero weak, then the GM will choice the change back from avatar etc.)

  11. Andrea Parducci thanks for the advice. I agree that Ack! Kryptonite! should be GM’s choice. I’d never really thought of Nemesis as a particularly strong move. What about if you have to lose 1 Favor to reroll all the 1s.

  12. Ok, we are going into a mathematical thing. If you have +0 as stat, then you have about 60% chance of succeed a roll (7+ result). If you have +1, chances goes higher etc. Ability to reroll 1s almost guarantee a success, also, it boosts a lot the chance to get a 10+ result. That is not a “simple” +1 modifier (still powerful in a 2d6 system like DW is), that can give you big numbers. Finally, you can quickly acquire a +3 in your best stat, so you could fail if you roll 1+1 or 1+2 with the dice, but you can’t get those kind of rolls with that Ability, ’cause you reroll the 1s. So you have 100% guaranteed success, and very high chances of a 10+ success.

  13. I think this is a good idea and can hold its own as a full class. The first concept that came to mind was instead of deities perhaps some other power such as a Champion of the Summer Court (e.g. Dresden Files).

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