I just bought a hard copy from the FLGS.

I just bought a hard copy from the FLGS.

I just bought a hard copy from the FLGS.

Why? I mean the digital version i bought is enough. 

The answer lies in the game i played with my 9 year old daughter on Thanksgiving. 

Not only did she get to really contribute in ways that she could easily understand without being overwhelmed by the mechanics, she also showed me that wizards are dangerous. 

She played a wizard that cast magic missiles that looked like the blue, luminescent tracks of a Bobcat. She broke her staff while breaking the neck of a troll that dared to attack her and didn’t rate high enough of a threat to her to bother using magic on it. 

She fought trolls in hand to hand combat, and won. 

She never blinked, she never asked about her role, she never even considered that her wizard, who was named Freeze, should not wade into melee and use her magic to blast things from close up. 

When the character got hurt, she did not bemoan the soft, fleshy body of her wizard, or complain about her HP…instead, she thought about how badly she might want to kill that troll that was attacking her…and then risked her characters life to take it down and help save her fellow adventurers. 

All that with no prep, no great time spent explaining the rules, and she stayed focused, interested and invested in her character. She was absolutely shining with excitement when she got to mark XP. 

That is why i bought a hard copy. 

This game is bad ass. 

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