Still figuring out how G+ works….excuse the awkward sharing.

Still figuring out how G+ works….excuse the awkward sharing.

Still figuring out how G+ works….excuse the awkward sharing.

Originally shared by David Schirduan

I hope to contribute an actual Compendium Class to #rangerweek   at some point, but here’s something that has made my ranger very, very happy:

Monsters with useful properties.

What I mean is, when you make a big monster, or some cool boss, let your ranger harvest its parts and make something cool out of it. Weapon, item, potable, etc. Also, check out this Monster Hunter styled class by Boing:

Here are some of the monsters and properties I used:

-Icthus – – Your ranger can harvest the flame sacs from the fish in the pool, and the skin of the Icthus can be used to repel water, or it’s mouth can be used as a suction device. The flame sacs can be turned into fire potions, or attached to ranged devices.

-Sandshark – – The skin has sharp spikes on it, and is really rough. Can be used as a light armor, firestarter, or anything requiring lots of friction. The teeth absorb the liquid from their victims, and when turned into darts can drain the blood.

-Manticore – – The skin of the manticore is resistant to fire, the poison from the tail can be harvested, the wings turned into a simple glider, or parachute.

-Sandblaster – – The sand pouch can be used to create bullets/pellets from dirt/sand. It’s throat can be turned into an effective blowgun, slingshot, or other ranged weapon.

Have fun with it! Let your players use one monster’s abilities against the next!

3 thoughts on “Still figuring out how G+ works….excuse the awkward sharing.”

  1. That D10 base damage is pretty nasty. Drop that guy down to d8.

    How about instead of spending prep to max damage, roll twice and take higher? Likewise, prep shouldn’t give you an automatic success on Defying Danger, but it can help you avoid failure.

    It seems like this guy is very much a one-trick pony, and you don’t always have the luxury of knowing exactly what you’ll face.

  2. very true! I didn’t make this Slayer, but one of my players uses it. Luckily, our group is obsessed with monsters, and I make sure to include one or two unique ones every session. There is usually a build-up of some kind, and I try to give hints as to what they will encounter. But, you’re right. It definitely requires a compliant GM to make this class worthwhile.

  3. I think it would work okay as a compendium class. It’s a cool concept. 

    One thing I would discourage you from doing is trying to hit the “I win” button too hard. In DW, being cool is a lot more important than having the biggest numbers. What does the Slayer do when his prepared enemy is nowhere to be found?

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