6 thoughts on “What are your best non-combat adventures?”

  1. How did you figure out who it was (or did the king get assassinated?)

    Also, wow, that sounds absolutely bloody brilliant! Would you mind if I included that in Pirate World’s adventure section? I’d love to play that game!

  2. Last week, my PCs spent the entire 3 hour session examining 3 bottles and their contents; one turned out to have a genie in it, and much hilarity ensued. They’ve still not won 3 wishes from it, as the rogue who owns the bottle only wants to get rid of the genie, so he can sell the bottle for the 300 coin he appraised it at!

  3. Well, I originally had a combat encounter planned, but my players pulled off an Ocean’s 11 type heist.

    I told them about their mission: Break the only elf out of a dwarfish prison. I went to go grab the food for the night, and by the time I had returned, they had drawn out an elaborate plan, and walked me through every step.

    The players constructed a cart with a hidden compartment, befriended a guard at the local bar, and managed to convince him that the prison needed some re-fitting and repair. Armed with tools and a cover story, the group entered the Dwarvish prison.


    Through a series of clever bluffs, luck, and very good rolls, they managed to break out the only elf in the prison by replacing him with our own elf, who then sneaked out of the prison through an underground tunnel while the captive elf just walked out of the prison with us.

    As the GM, I just stared, mouth agape.

  4. I bloody love these! The heist sounds great, David Schirduan. That kind of player agency is my favourite thing about RPGs; you’d never get that level of interaction in a film, book etc.

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