7 thoughts on “Just wanted to ask. Has anybody made a battle mage class? I’d really like to play one!”

  1. The problem I have with the Mage and the Wizard (I don’t think I have the channeler class) is that they both rock the d4 for damage and HP.

    I know thats a sissy mechanical issue, but it bothers me.

    Otherwise I would happily take the Wizard without the ritual ability.

  2. If you just want a blaster type, the Mage’s Black Magic move actually does d8 damage, and you can improve on that with advances.

    If you want to have the “sword and spell” thing going on, you could go Bard, and pick up Signature Weapon and Black Magic with your first two multiclass moves?

  3. Hmm, yeah, the HP thing is tricky. I guess the Channeler is a decent pick in that regard: they do have 10+constitution HP, and they roll +CON in order to do magic. And their magic is most dangerous at close range, which is appropriate. But their damage die is still a d4, and all of their moves are about their magic (which is explosive and dangerous and destroying their body, hence the CON focus).

  4. Oo, another thought: the Battlemaster (from Grim World, same as the Channeler) is a cunning and versatile front-line warrior who specialises in surprising their enemies with unusual tactics. If they could also turn invisible or levitate, that’d be pretty epic. Plus, they’re INT-focused, do d8 damage, and have a base HP of 10.

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