My friend(Andrew Armstrong)  and I enjoy playing as Paladin brothers.

My friend(Andrew Armstrong)  and I enjoy playing as Paladin brothers.

My friend(Andrew Armstrong)  and I enjoy playing as Paladin brothers. We made this Compendium Compendium class to give us some cool options in DW.

Suggestions welcome, we’ve never done something like this before. We tried to make this seperate from the Skirmisher class, but obviously it draws some influences. Think of this as Skirmisher Lite.

Battle Bonded:

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  1. I love this idea. i had a potion that bonded two players in an old campaign regardless of class. The two players to drink it would begin to bond over the life of their characters. There would be bonuses, but there would also be detriments. I’ll post some of the attributes i had for it.

  2. Well, we haven’t started playing yet. In Legend, it’s part of being a Paladin, and we’d like to carry that over to DW. This CC doesn’t require the same class, however. 

  3. I gotcha.

    Traditionally in DW only one person can play each class but I wonder if a cleric/paladin combo would have the same effect or maybe a paladin/true knight combo?

    In my mind, something like a Paladin/Death Knight combo would be the most fun. Pull off a Raistalin/Caramon type relationship.

    Also, the Lovers move looks really cool but I feel like it might be something that two players might already do. You and your friend probably already make inside jokes and know what the other means with just a head nod. It’d be kinnda silly for you to take a move that tries to replace that chemistry. I’m not sure that move has enough “umph” to ever be used.

    Way fun idea. I’m gonna try this out in the next game I get to play I think.

  4. I love it. One of the things I toyed with including for Pirate World was a “Group Moves” section, where two or more players would roll together for set spectacular effects. It got moved to the “if I have time” list, but I’d still love to do it!

  5. what if I changed lovers to this:

    You know each other better than anyone else. Lovers can communicate easily with one another. With a knowing nod, smile, or special signal, grant your Bond +1 forward when attempting a task with you.

  6. I guess my point was that both people choose one thing that they are both good at, and thus they get two chances to make a good roll. It allows each couple to make their own move, and give them an edge with one specific kind of roll.

  7. Considering blood oath is, well, an oath, it could be interesting to see something along the lines of, “if your bond is at 1/2 health and in immediate danger, declaring your oath will provide +1 to all rolls against that immediate danger while taking -1 to rolls not related to the danger until the danger is resolved.” Value at a price.

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