Has anyone created or contemplated a class that utilizes throwing various potions around the field?

I suppose the class could lean towards a purely attack-oriented character, throwing damage/poison/sleep/frighten/freeze/etc. bottles around at the enemies and catching them in a “splash zone”.

Or at the opposite end of the spectrum; a character who focuses on  pumps/heals/defends for their party.

Or an amalgamation of both.

Does this sound interesting, feasible, playable?  Any opinions are welcome please.

12 thoughts on “POTION CHUCKER:”

  1. Yes! Like the Chemist. A class to buff your party, heal their HP or various ailments, or just make potions that explode on the baddies, poisoning them and other such undesirable maladies.

    I picture them wearing a backpack stuffed with various boxes of unique concoctions, and when needed they throw what they desire at the target and watch their chemical magics do their thing. Multi colored explosions and whispy magical smoke included!

  2. Jarrah is right! The next draft also makes it easier and simpler for them to throw potions and smash them with explosions, clouds of acid etc.

    David’s idea makes me laugh so much that it needs to go in. I might just add that as a suggestion on a miss.

  3. Alessandro Gianni For a while there, my artificer was carrying around “alchemical propulsion flasks:” glass bottles, in a nice aerodynamic shape, filled with a substance that explodes upon contact with air. Pop the cork and they shoot off like rockets.

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