I convinced my sons and nephew to try out DW with me. My first attempt.

I convinced my sons and nephew to try out DW with me. My first attempt.

I convinced my sons and nephew to try out DW with me. My first attempt. 

In ten minutes, we established that there were a fighter, a wizard, and a rogue in their party. 

The wizard is the long lost heir to an empire, but does not know. The Fighter is his sworn protector, and the rogue is using the wizard to pull con jobs, while trying to keep secret the fact that he stole the wizard’s heirloom magic crystal. 

They populated their corner of the world map with a plain of ash inhabited by trolls, a river that transforms anyone that swims in it into fish, and a forest of mostly carnivorous trees. 

I put them in a coach, travelling towards the river to collect samples for an old man, wise in the way of alchemy.

Crossbow bolts killed their driver, killed one horse and crippled the other three. Their ride was crashed, and they had to fight their way out of an ambush by goblin bandits. 

We went from zero experience to a complex set up, to an In Media Res launch, to a complete first encounter in under an hour. 

Not counting the time we took to eat noodles.

Although after the embush, game play slowed down considerably. 

With one horse dead, and three wounded they took their time figuring out what to do about the animals. 

Eventually, they euthanized the one they knew was suffering the most, and then the human wizard used his cleric spell to heal the other two. 

I was impressed with the way they role played compassionate characters.

 That moment was imediately ruined when that same wizard used a cantrip to make one dead horse taste like beef, and the other to taste like chicken.

They then camped over night, served themselves giant steaks of artifically flavored horse meat, and started makign plans about what to do in the morning. 

I really should have put serious pressure on them, maybe introduce predators or more bandits curious why their friends never returned, etc. But i was so caught up in their intricate horse buffet plans that i just rolled with it. 

 Maybe not the most heroic first session, but they gave me plenty to work with, and it was fun.

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  1. Sounds like the carnivourous forest and the troll-riddled ash plain are fronts beging to have their own agenda and impending dooms! Not withstanding the old codger desperate for his alchemical samples… Why? Sounds like a spout lore / discern moment to me.

    Also, does magically flavoured horsemeat attract the carnivourous trees? Me thinks it does 😉

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