8 thoughts on “Part two of my review/AP report of Dungeon World is up. Enjoy!”

  1. Me too, especially since I was planning on doing this all in a single post!

    But since it’s both a review and AP, I guess it’s OK that it’s running a tad long.

  2. Thanks, Gary! That is definitely my goal: to present the feeling of being at the table (well, virtual table in this case…) in my posts.

    As an aside, as I am writing this I’m increasingly aware of how happy I am that Shay B joined us for the game, if at the last minute. He really contributed a lot, and added to the overall fun of it.

  3. So I was wondering, do you ask your players everything? I understand giving them decisions but I feel like I am letting them do all the work if I ask them what temple we are going to and what are we after and such, I am still new to his type of system.

  4. Matt Tucker  I don’t ask them everything. I think of it as leading questions that bloom into a full adventure ideas. Players thrive when they feel like they have some agency in a game. Also, letting them give me ideas is great because typically they give me better ideas then the ones I initially had, Win win!

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