I GM Dungeon World for ten-year-olds at a FLGS.

I GM Dungeon World for ten-year-olds at a FLGS.

I GM Dungeon World for ten-year-olds at a FLGS. Most of their characters have leveled past 10 and retired, and they’ve demanded some more … offbeat … character choices for their next round. One of them wants a waterbender, so I wrote this compendium class …

When you awaken your elemental nature, the next time you level up you may take this move:

☐ [Element]bending

Choose a classical element: wood (STR), air (DEX), earth (CON), metal (INT), water (WIS), or fire (CHA). That element replaces the corresponding stat: so any move for which you used to roll+CHA, now you’ll roll+FIR. When you call on your nature to control that element, roll+the appropriate element. On a hit, the element does as you want; used as a weapon, it’s messy, reload, reach, two-handed. On a 7-9, choose 1:

• The effect is uncontrollable, causing collateral damage to your allies or the environment

• You focus so hard you become vulnerable: the next attack on you does +1d4 damage

• You use up the available stores of the element in your area: you can’t bend again until you get more

• You draw unwanted attention—the GM will tell you how

Once you’re a bender, these count as class moves for you; you can choose from them when you level up:

☐ Creative Destruction

When you use your element as a weapon, add or subtract one tag from the usual stat line.

☐ Motion Capture

Choose a basic move which requires you to roll+your element. When you roll that move, you may simultaneously roll [Element]bending, using the same roll for both moves. Note that even if you fail, you only mark experience once. (You may take this move multiple times.)

☐ Phase Shift

You expand your elemental paradigm to control trace or modified versions of your element: lightning as well as fire, or blood as well as water, for example. You can also use bending to modify the element: rotting wood, rusting metal, freezing or evaporating water, etc.

☐ Real Recognize Real

Spirits tied to the primal essence of your element, including ancestor spirits who bent the same element, count you as a friend; take +1 forward to recruit or parley with them.

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