Pirate World Strech Goals!

Pirate World Strech Goals!

Pirate World Strech Goals!  


Originally shared by James Hawthorne

Stretch Goals!

* New Class: The Physicker. Vital Humors, Foul Miasmas, Leeches

* More Art!

* Pirate World Locations; a creation guide and tons of unique locations/ location types to explore

* Tim Franzke’s awesome compendium class collection

* New Class: The Marked: draws power from the ritually carved/ tattooed/ marked runes on their skin

* Even more art!

* 10+ more Backgrounds! Including Trapper, Thieving, Sharpshooter, Demon-whisperer…

* Compendium Playbooks of all the Pirate World classes

* Piratify the core Dungeon World classes, and re-jig them to accept Backgrounds

* New Class: The Astrophage; psychic voids who feed on the energy of stars, and unleash it in displays of short but terrifying power.

* Pirate World random encounter guide. Play a Luncheon World adventure with 0 prep, in twenty – forty minutes, with adventures customised just for Pirate World.

and the final stretch goal, release DW under Creative Commons attribution in June 2014, if the project hits around £10,000

The general theory behind all this is all the extra money goes towards adding more content to your books. The basic thing is more funds =  more art!

I don’t want extra stuff people have to pay more for; you guys have already invested in the project, so you should reap the rewards without having to put more money in!

Stretch goals will probably be every £500, as I think they’re much more exciting at regular intervals. Hopefully we meet most, if not all of them! How do they look? Are they things you guys would want? Is there something missing?

5 thoughts on “Pirate World Strech Goals!”

  1. Haha, thanks Tim! Just so everyone knows, this is the rough draft with community input. If you’d like to see something else in there, let me know!

    I’m potentially adding a GM screen with custom Pirate World artwork as a stretch goal, though it would be a separate product (free PDF, printed on DTRPG if you wanted) as the book costing is too close to bundle another product in with it.

    Ideas that are cool, but have been rejected were:

    * Custom Pirate World dice: I don’t have the expertise or contacts to produce these, and creating them would take time from the project

    * Dungeon World hardback, or other pre-made products: Kickstarter won’t allow you to offer products you’ve not created yourself as rewards, so it’s a no before any discussion takes place!

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