Brutal, brutal session last night.

Brutal, brutal session last night.

Brutal, brutal session last night. I showed the group the DEFINITION of Hard Moves. On our private forum they’ve been collecting the stuff lost after the big throwdown with the dwarf creating a gate to Hades under the command of an ancient Demon. The accounting so far has them losing:

Dwarven Wizard lost:

Awesome magic staff

Eye of Ptah

1 point Str, Dex, and Con

Unknown magic oil

19 uses of Bag of Books

1 book of ciphers

Multiple scrolls of magic lore (not spells)

Multiple scrolls of Vulpe history

Multiple dwarven spellbooks

Multiple books of dwarven magic lore

Dozens of gold canopic jars (we might have sold these for the some of the funds)

Canopic jar containing lungs of Daughter of Beset

200 Coin

5000 Coin (I imagine this is a group fund…we didn’t each have 5K coin in treasures, did we?)

Potion of Longevity

Flask of Breath

+1 Kopesh

Halfing Ranger lost:

Right Arm


Sling and all ammo

Elvish Namer lost:

Life (but made Last Breath Move)

A Man’s Not Dead While His Name is Spoken Move

Doctor’s Kit

Human Barbarian lost:

Life (but regained it after making a Bargain with Death)

200 Coin

All his spears

And a little of his free will (due to Death’s Bargain)

Human Noble lost:

Consciousness (in induced coma due to “friendly fire” poisoning)

An estate

9/10s of his Retinue

About 10k in Coin and valuables in the Estate

Most of his super nice plate mail’s Armor Rating (via Armor Mastery)

In all, a good session. 😀

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