Rules questions:

Rules questions:

Rules questions:

Undertaking a Perilous Journey: Do you Make Camp and Take Watch?

Character Creation: Some of the adventurer’s starting gears are slightly different than in the equipment list(a bard’s duelists rapier lacks “piercing” for example). Is this intentional to let them get better stuff later, or just a leftover?

Hirelings: Should they be paid in gold, and if so how much? I don’t speak abut meeting their “cost”, but rather: Even a Hireling in for “doing good,” needs to eat, so the minimal expense of the players should be handing out would be for some rations. Any thoughts on this? (or is something like it already in the book?).

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  1. Perilous Journey covers the entire trip.

    Character creation: just leftover. I’m happy to make corrections.

    Hirelings: it depends! Some hirelings probably don’t need anything more than doing good (think: crazed zealot or devout monk). They’ll make do on their own no matter what, so long as they can pursue their cost. Some hirelings probably expect to be fed (at the going rate: rations, inns, whatever). It depends on the hireling.

  2. Nope, from the book:

    “A perilous journey is the whole way between two locations. You don’t roll for one day’s journey and then make camp only to roll for the next day’s journey, too. Make one roll for the entire trip.”

  3. What do you mean, David? On a 10+ each role does better than expected: fewer rations consumed, quicker journey, the drop on any trouble.

    On a 7-9 each does the basic thing for that job: normal number of rations consumed, duration as expected, anyone you encounter spots you and you spot them.

    On a 6-, well, GM moves.

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