Death Mask

“I grant but one boon, mortal, and it will be given to you as it is given to everyone; when your time has come.”


A large wooden mask, crafted and painted to resemble a jackal’s head. Placing the mask upon the head of a person who has died within the last twenty-four hours and invoking the jackal-headed god of death charges the mask. When you place the mask on your own head, roll+WIS. *On a 10+ you are cloaked in an illusion of the deceased person who was used to charge the mask. You will look and sound like him, and you have access to one piece of information that he knew at the time of his death, which you must choose when you don the mask. *On a 7-9 the illusion still forms, but you do not gain the deceased’s knowledge, and at an inconvenient time the spirit of the deceased may try to take control of your body. *On a 6- the spirit of the deceased takes control of your body for a while.

Donning the mask uses up the charge, and a corpse can only be used to charge the mask one time. Burying or resurrecting the dead body used in charging the mask ends the illusion, as does removing the mask. 

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