9 thoughts on “I have a curiosity: the name of the move “Parley” is a quote from Pirates of the Carribbean?”

  1. As James Hawthorne said, Parley is a word that exists and is not pirate-related (although they used it in the movie).

    I didn’t even think of pirates when reading the book because the portuguese version of this word is more commonly used.

  2. My heirloom weapon is a Thesaurus.




    noun: parley; plural noun: parleys


    a conference between opposing sides in a dispute, esp. a discussion of terms for an armistice.


    negotiation, talk(s), conference, summit, discussion, powwow; More


    formalcolloquy, confabulation

    “a peace parley”


    verb: parley; 3rd person present: parleys; past tense: parleyed; past participle: parleyed; gerund or present participle: parleying


    hold a conference with the opposing side to discuss terms.

    “they disagreed over whether to parley with the enemy”


    discuss terms, talk, hold talks, negotiate, deliberate; More

  3. That said, that is exactly the sense in which they use the term in Pirates of the Caribbean, and as they mention in the film, it is French in origin—an Anglicized spelling of parler (the infinitive) or parlez (present tense), “to speak”.

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