hi folks.

hi folks.

hi folks.  Just found this community.  Glad to be here.  I’m an experienced gamer and I’m intrigued about this game.  So much that I want to get a copy.  Print copy.  I wouldn’t mind a PDF along with it but I need a print copy.

I see on the website that they’ve run through their first print run and promised either another run or a 2nd Edition.  What’s the word on that?  The info on the website is at least 7 months old.

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  1. Thanks for the info guys.  If I like it (and I have a feeling I will) I’ll review it on Save or Die.  I’ll keep an eye out for it at my FLGS as IPT seems to be sold out.

  2. I placed my first order from IPR last night, for this very book. Does anyone know how to access your UPS tracking info and/or bundled PDF downloads? How long does it usually take them to ship after you get the “order has been processed” notification?

    I got the digital bundle from RPGNow back in April, so I’m not in dire need of the PDF from my IPR order; I just couldn’t find the path to the download on the website.

  3. Thanks, Sage LaTorra—message sent! I know this isn’t exactly your department. I was just wondering about the experience of DW patrons who have ordered from IPR before.

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