Sneaking this in before the end of #bardweek

Sneaking this in before the end of #bardweek

Sneaking this in before the end of #bardweek … A quick compendium class for when your bard gets a band! (With thanks to the AW Hocus class)

The Band

When you find 3 or more like-minded souls to jam with, you may take this move the next time you level up:

Let’s Jam!

You become the lead singer/player of a band of travelling minstrels! Name your band. Your band-mates won’t follow you into dungeons or obvious danger, but will catch up with you back in town if at all possible. When you and your band play a gig, roll +CHA. On a hit, choose one of the following; on a 10+, choose one and take +1 forward.

– Rumours of a fantastic opportunity

– Improve your standing in town (from despised to disliked, from disliked to neutral, from neutral to liked, from liked to loved.)

– D6x10-coin in merchandise sales

If you have taken Let’s Jam!, the following count as class moves for you when you level up:

Party in style

When you or an ally carouses and your band is playing at the party, take +1 forward to your roll.

Heard the call

When you jam, add the following to your list of options:

– you convince a member of the band to join you on your next adventure. Gain a hireling (+1 skill, +1 loyalty, cost: Fame and Glory)

Gain insight

When you ask your band for advice on the best way to accomplish a goal, the GM will tell you what they say. Take +1 ongoing if you follow their advice; if their advice turns out to be bad, mark experience.

6 thoughts on “Sneaking this in before the end of #bardweek”

  1. This is brilliant! I reckon the hireling has a perfect opportunity for a “Brave Sir Robin” custom move, where they’d narrate your exploits (though perhaps not in the most complimentary ways…)

  2. I feel like Let’s Jam could use a list of negative consequences that you can choose from to get extra options from the hit list. The choice there is really hard atm. 

  3. Tim Franzke maybe make the +1 forward one of the options, then: on a 7-9, choose a good consequence and a bad one; on a 10+, just choose a good consequence.

    What other negative options could you have? The only one I can think of is -1 ongoing (partied too hard!) but that’s super boring. I’m open to ideas?

  4. you could activate the downside from your standings in town. 

    You could start a bar riot. 

    You make an enemy who thinks your music is in opposition to all that is good an holy. 

    Some of your instruments brake and you need to spend X coins to repair them. 

    one of the upsides could be to get a loyal fanboy/girl 

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