Hey guys!

Hey guys!

Hey guys! I wanted to wait to post this until after Bard Week, but I have a game coming up Wednesday. In that game, I’m playing a halfling druid that turns into dinosaurs. Seriously, his Land is “The Land Before Time”. I want a compendium class to help with the whole “calling upon the Great-Scales” thing, but none of the #druidweek CCs really fit. So I am asking you, loyal Tavernites, for help in creating a CC. Please?

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  1. Also, I think it would be awesome if the entry requirement was something along the lines of “surviving the test of fangs”, something that involves some test of endurance or strength.

  2. I guess what I’m looking for is something that, instead of channeling A velociraptor, shows that I’m channeling Brother Clawfoot, THE velociraptor spirit, for example.

  3. I was actually leaning towards that, except that I’m the “voice” for a pantheon of dinosaur spirits. Choosing just 1 dinosaur doesn’t really fit with the established fiction, unfortunately.

    EDIT: I went back and looked at the Druid of One Form, and it is fantastic! Any suggestions on how to make it work with a few animals, or should I just suck it up and choose a dinosaur? Tim Franzke?

  4. Okay so the trigger of the entry move would be

    When you take the shape of one of the dinosaur monarchs…

    (No idea what it would do though… The spirits tell you what the ancient dinosaur would have done in this situation?)

    And then have extra moves for all the ancient dinosaurs. They all would give you some epic/mystical effect when you shape change into the form. You can spend 1 hold directly when you have the new form to do X. Like an anchillosaurus could stomp and create a small localised earthquake. A pterodactyl could unleash some air blades…

  5. Formatting maybe like this: 


    When you take the form of a mighty t-rex the power of Granushe infuses you. You can spend 1 hold directly to breath fire over your puny adversaries. 

    (treat this not as damage but as “they are on fire now”)

  6. Ooh, I like this! So would you say that instead of 5 moves for one form, for each move I take from the Dino Druid, I gain another Tell and one of the mystical moves for a Dino monarch?

    Like I get into the CC, choose velociraptor. I get the move “sprint like the wind” and the toe claws as a Tell. Then I choose Spirit Guide, then I do anklyosaurus, get the move “create an earthquake with a stomp” and gain bony growths on my arms as a Tell.

  7. Yeah. You would take 1 move for each monarch-elemental ability. It might even only trigger on a 10+ while shapeshifting. 

    It is a bit harsh but cool “free” extra abilities like this can cost a bit and keep the effect more special. 

  8. Anyone has any ideas for the intro move besides “you know what the dinosaur spirit would have done in this situation” (often times this would mean “smash them, then eat them”)

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