After first session of DW:

After first session of DW:

After first session of DW:

what would giant interplanar necroscolopendra do? – I have to write it up

what will happen with interplanar scolopendra’s eggs stolen by player’s characters (treasure is treasure, anyway)?

The players chose thief and wizard classes – I have to translate them then.

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  1. They sound like massive venemous centipedes that have the power to exist and hunt in several universes simultaneously. As a survival mechanism, they keep their organs in a separate universe which vibrates at almost the same frequency; so close that they can access their organs’ fluids and vital functions, or at least an echo of them. As they’re necro scolopendra, their venom drains the victim’s energy across the barriers between universes, turning them into husks as the necroscolopendra engorge themselves on the transfer.

    Their eggs are, of course, fabulously sought after and highly dangerous. If extracted right, the thief will be able to obtain a few doses of the Necroscolopendra’s venom. If extracted wrongly, he’ll hatch a creature that incubates in the void between the galaxies…

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