Hi, guys.

Hi, guys.

Hi, guys. I’m trying to put together a Dungeon World PbP game on Snail’s Pace about being undead. Hop in: http://snailspace.forgreatjustice.net/comments.php?DiscussionID=926&page=1

Alternatively, persuade me to do it in Hangouts instead maybe? I don’t know exactly how hangouts work (not big into social media), so I make no promises that I’ll be able to do it at all, but it can’t help to suggest.


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  1. Hangouts is literally just a group video call, so the real question is “do you prefer realtime sessions or the slower pace of PbP.”  Realtime sessions mean hashing out a group of players with a coherent schedule if you wanna make it a going concern.

    Having read over your OP there, btw: you can EASILY do XP in the standard Dungeon World “end of session” fashion by simply watching for a good narrative lull.  Finished the fight with the latest Big Bad and unearthed the clue that’ll lead you to the next?  Chapter’s over!  Award XP!

    Anyway I got too many other games going right now, but it looks like a fun setup!

  2. All we really need is a forum. There’s websites like Invisible Castle that will let us use a reliable die roller regardless of whether or not the forum we use has one built in. We could run it here, or set up a freeforums thing.

    Well, we also need another player or two, but it’ll probably be easier to find them if we’re on a website that doesn’t have such an excruciatingly long sign-up process.

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