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  1. He has 5 advanced magic moves that he can choose:

    ◊Smog (Wis) When you draw a cloud of  city smog from the closest sources of  water and fire, roll+Wis On 10+: Choose one:

    •  You and your friends escape under cover of the  smog. 

    •  Your enemy is disoriented and open to your attack.

    •  One of your enemies takes 1d6 choking damage.

    On 7-9: As above, but  the GM also chooses one:

    •  Your friends are disoriented .

    •  You or one of your friends suffer 1d6 choking  damage.

    The smog quickly dissipates again.

    ◊Smoke Runner (Dex)

    When you walk or run on a plume of  smoke or cloud of  smog, roll+Dex On 10+ it supports you long enough so that you can get to somewhere not too far from where you started. 7-9: The GM also chooses one

    •  You bail once and take 1d4 to 1d10 damage, depending on how high you are. (subtract 3, or 6 if you  have Feather Fall)

     •  You draw attention to yourself, causing complications for you or your friends.

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